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Novae Caelum

I write epic serials about queers in space. Star/stars/starself or they/them. || Want to read my published books and ongoing serials as I write them? Purchase books and episode bundles or subscribe to read everything + new episodes weekly!

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Kaireyeh Chronicles 1.0

A thousand worlds are locked behind a time wall, and forgotten immortal enemies lurk in the shadows. When one of those immortals crosses the time wall to save his younger self, the worlds will never be the same. The books in this collection are the first version of the Kaireyeh Chronicles stories and will differ notably from later versions.


Kaireyeh Chronicles 2.0

A con man. An immortal demi-god. A chance at love that could save the universe. In the far future, interstellar con man Anais Cavere takes the job of his life to impersonate his hero, immortal demigod Barenin Lyr. But his job as contract king to an unstable world takes a dangerous turn when he learns it was his hero who hired him.